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Diät — ”Pick A Line” (seven-inch b/w “No Accent”, Iron Lung 2012)

I reblogged the B-side but that’s on, oh, page two and the entire thing might be the single of the year so far. Collect your own.

Iron Lung:

Rarely does an unsolicited email even raise an eyebrow but No Accent and Pick A Line really knocked us over. Expertly tight catchy drumming, cold as ice monotone pitch perfect post-punk vocals and a rhythm section that would make James Brown mush-mouthier with jealousy. Sorta sounds like “Mesh & Lace” MODERN ENGLISH playing CRISIS covers but with smarter lyrics. We heard a rumor that DIÄT formed with the sole purpose of playing with TOTAL CONTROL in Berlin, where they’re from. I could believe the story since 2/3 of the band are actually Australian but I choose not to because the songs are too good to be so casual about. This band will do great things starting now. 

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